A project with design-build construction in Alberta is an exciting endeavor. Whether you are looking to have a church, car wash or set of mini-storage units built, you have some work ahead of you before the site is open for use. First, you have to come up with a vision of the site. Then, you have to find the professionals who are going to bring it to life. The best team is going to be able to translate your description and vision into reality. Through every step of the process, they also ensure you are all on the same page.

Here are three ways professionals help clients visualize constructions projects.


Good, thorough communication is the key in business, relationships and in construction. The team you decide to work with will understand that you may not have the vocabulary to describe the type of site you would like built. Therefore, they work on listening and translating. Once they have the necessary information, they go to their drawing board and draft mockups. Then, they meet with you again.

3-D Modeling

As the process makes progress, the team that you work with can build a 3-D model of your structure. When you see it in this format, you can look at the details. Sometimes, security measures are required in one area. In other areas, you may have to add infrastructure that helps you be compliant with local regulations. When you pick the team who is going to design and build your structure, inquire if the offer the 3-D modeling as a service.


Studies are also an important facet of this process. Sometimes, you have to be aware of any potential barriers or environmental issues that exist before moving forward.

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