If you are looking for the best engineering companies in Edmonton, MR Engineering can provide you with the structural design & engineering solutions necessary to achieve success. Located in Edmonton, Canada, MR Engineering offers a wide variety of engineering solutions. When you consult MR Engineering on a project, you are gaining access to professionals with the knowledge and skills required to perform tasks like mechanical/HVAC engineering, architectural design & drafting, material and soil testing, geomatics, construction monitoring & inspections, fabrication shop drawing preparation, project management and property management. MR Engineering is there to help with flawless precision in the industrial, residential, commercial, landscaping and oil industries as well as just about anything in between.

MR Engineering has a team of expert professionals who work around the clock to produce innovative solutions. With competitive pricing and quick project delivery time, you won’t go wrong with choosing MR Engineering for your next project. Compared to all other engineering companies in Edmonton, MR Engineering prides itself by putting safety and quality first to give you a design that is sustainable. The values of vision provided by MR Engineering start with a smart design solution, and follow with quality, safety. Economics is also an important factor when it comes to engineering, to make sure your project is designed not only for quality, but for price efficiency as well. Don’t leave your new project up to a beginner, or someone who is unqualified for the job. Assure that what you are building is structurally sound %100, by consulting the best engineering firm in Edmonton.

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