Once you make the decision to seek infertility treatment in Orlando FL you know that you are opening yourself and your partner up to somewhat sensitive medical examinations and treatments. Of course, a successful outcome will make everything worthwhile in the end but it can still be intimidating to schedule that initial appointment.

Knowing what to expect at your first appointment can ease some of the stress you may be experiencing. Preparing ahead of time allows you to go into your appointment with a game plan and not sit passively during the session.

Make a list of questions for your reproductive specialist. While a lot of your questions and concerns may be addressed in your initial meeting, it is important to have your list ready, so that you can jot down answers and so you can ask about anything your healthcare provider doesn’t explain.

Ask what tests your reproductive specialist recommended initially. Most reproductive specialists have a particular system they work through when diagnosing fertility. You probably want to ask about the timetable of diagnosis. Your doctor cannot predict the future, but he can give you some examples of how to expect your diagnosis timeline to go.

Once a diagnosis is made, you will probably have some treatment options to consider. When choosing between different treatment options, ask the success rate of the various options. You want the national as well as the particular clinic’s rate of live births for the different treatment options available to you.

Of course, success isn’t the only concern. Ask about any risks of possible side effects of the various treatment protocols. You want to be able to weigh the risks and rewards of different procedures before making a decision.

Your First Visit
Your first visit will probably include a variety of tests which allow your doctor to have a baseline to use when diagnosing infertility and to compare with future results. For females, the first visit typically includes blood tests to measure various hormone levels, such as thyroid stimulating hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin and luteinizing hormone and an ultrasound of the ovaries. Men will typically be asked for a sperm sample and infectious disease panel.

Infertility treatment can be overwhelming and stressful. If you are looking for infertility treatment in Orlando FL the professionals at Advanced Reproductive Specialists offer professional, compassionate, confidential treatment.