If you’re looking to supplement your workout routine with some vegan proteins or are just looking to boost your nutrition with a low-fat and high-fiber protein supplement, you may be frustrated to take a look at what’s available and see that most protein powders use whey, a milk derivative, as the main source of protein. The good news is that there are all kinds of vegan protein powders available on the market today if you take a bit of a closer look.

Hemp-Based Protein Powders

Hemp protein powders are an excellent choice for a healthy non-dairy protein boost. With the interest in hemp and CBD products increasing nationwide, this is an increasingly popular choice. Most hemp protein powders are made from milled hemp without any flavors or sweeteners, so the taste may be a bit off-putting and take some getting used to, depending on your taste buds.

Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein Powders

Pea proteins and brown rice protein are two more options that you may find when looking for vegan protein powders to try. These proteins offer a smoother texture than hemp-based options and are easier to blend in shakes and smoothies because of the finer and silkier texture.

Protein Blends

More and more vegan protein powders on the market today are based on blends of one or more types of vegan proteins. For example, you may find brands that combine pea protein with brown rice protein, finely milled quinoa powder and pumpkin seed protein powder along with other ingredients.

Other Ingredients to Watch out For

Many protein powders on the market are stretched with cheap fillers, while others come with extra vitamins and nutritional boosts for added energy, stamina, and nutrition. Many high-quality protein powders add superfood ingredients such as chia seed and greens such as spinach and kale. Look for a protein powder that contains probiotics for an extra boost to your digestive system.