The fundamental rule in Illinois that guides child custody proceedings involve the best interests of the child. Always remember that children feel the stresses of divorce, too. That’s perfectly natural.

Two Features of Child Custody

Two major issues involved in child custody that must be addressed in a divorce are physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody involves which parent will have the physical care and control of a minor child. Custody might be joint, or it might be sole. In this setting, the child has a legal residence with one parent while the other parent has liberal visitation. Actual legal custody must also be addressed. Legal custody involves a determination of which parent will have the authority to make pivotal decisions on medical, educational, and religious issues that are going to arise. Parents might even share in legal custody of children, but a dispute resolution process needs to be implemented.

Making Informed Decisions

A person who is confronted with possible divorce and custody issues in or around Winnebago County should seek the benefits of a consultation with an experienced and effective custody attorney in Rockford, IL, as soon as he or she can. Knowing how the Illinois child custody law applies to their circumstances helps clients make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary litigation and associated expenses.

Avoiding Court in the Future

A knowledgeable and experienced family law practitioner will routinely address possible future custody issues that a parent never contemplated. One or two simple sentences in a parenting agreement about a possible future issue can keep the parties out of court in the future and save both of them stress and money.

Illinois, child custody law, is complicated, and it’s also modified from time to time. All relevant factors must be considered by a judge in making a determination on what operates in the best interests of a child.

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