Summer is here, and the least of your worries right now should be why your air conditioning unit is not working. Air conditioners fail to work for various reasons. As such, it is vital to understand some possible causes of a faulty AC unit. You shouldn’t leave your summer comfort to chance by staying with a broken air conditioner. You should, however, not try to repair the issue without an expert. Once you call an expert to inspect the AC unit, you will know if to fix, replace the unit or some components.

Your Thermostat Batteries Are Dead

Sometimes your air conditioner is not faulty. When your thermostat fails to display anything, it could be as a result of the batteries running out of juice. You should first change the thermostat batteries if the screen is blank.

Coolant Problem

Coolant is the lifeblood of your AC. It has the responsibility of moving heat out of the house and putting it outside. As such, it cools your home. The coolant is made to last the lifespan of the air conditioner. However, due to evaporation or leaks, sometimes it doesn’t last for long. As such, you may require the services of an air conditioning repair in Vermillion to refill the coolant or repair the faulty component.

You Have a Tripped Circuit Breaker

The other reason why your AC is not working is a tripped circuit breaker. Breakers often break due to overloaded circuits. You should call an air conditioning repair in Vermillion to diagnose the problem and fix it if the breaker keeps on tripping regularly.

These are some of the causes of a faulty AC. The best part is that most of these reasons can be fixed and prevented. You should hire an AC expert regularly to maintain the unit and as soon as you notice something wrong.

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