The doors to your home are critical for your family’s comfort and safety. You rely on these fixtures to keep unwanted people out of your home. You also count on them to add to the value and beauty of your house.

As durable and appealing as they are, the doors on the front and back of your home are not built to last forever. By hiring contractors who specialize in door repair in White Plains, NY, homeowners like you can have these fixtures serviced in a professional and timely manner.

Replacing Broken or Compromised Locks

The usefulness of the doors on your home relies significantly on how well their locks work. When the locks on the front or back door have been broken or compromised, it could make it easy for trespassers to get into your home. Someone who knows how to pry a lock could very easily pick one that has been damaged.

Rather than have a door with a broken lock on it, you can have the door repaired as quickly as possible. The contractor can take off the broken lock and put on a new and improved version of it. The door does not have to taken off its hinges for this service.

Replacing Broken Hinges

When it comes to professional door repair in White Plains, NY, door owners like you need to have the hinges repaired and replaced as necessary. The hinges on the door frame can become weakened and damaged as the wood frame shrinks or expands. Once the hinges come loose, it is just a matter of time before the door itself falls off the frame.

You can find out more about having your hinges tightened and other door repairs made online. Contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc., to request more information today.