Homeowners who want siding replacement in St. Charles MO have several options. Most choose vinyl siding, which is available in insulated and non-insulated versions. The material is affordable and attractive, and it’s also very durable. It needs no maintenance aside from washing dirt off now and then with a garden hose or pressure washer.

Colors, Textures and Placement

Vinyl siding also is available in almost any color the customers might want. Different textures can be purchased too. The siding can be placed in the most common horizontal style, or it can be placed vertically for a more interesting look.


Ideally, siding replacement in St. Charles MO is done when the weather is warm or cool, but not hot or cold. Temperature changes cause vinyl to expand and contract, which can interfere with a precise fit during installation. For this reason, siding contractors tend to be busiest in spring and autumn. In this region, though, it’s not impossible to have siding replacement completed during a warm spell in the wintertime.


Some manufacturers have lifetime guarantees against certain types of flaws, so the homeowner may want to ask the contractor about this. The manufacturer may have a lifetime warranty covering chipping, peeling, flaking and certain other issues. Vinyl siding should never develop any of these problems. The main issue could be fading to a certain extent over many decades, but that is an issue with aluminum siding as well.


With vinyl siding products guaranteed by the manufacturers, the homeowners now need to find a reputable contractor like Affordable Exteriors that does high-quality installation work. Homeowners will want to obtain several estimates unless they are already certain about which contractor they want to hire. Contact us to get started on a quote.

The differences in pricing for material generally are connected with quality. Contractors may charge significantly different prices for labor. The labor will cost more if the home has more corners than usual due to additions or bump-outs. A standard one-story ranch house typically is the least expensive to put siding on. Removal of old siding will also be a cost on the invoice.