The population has its ups and downs with religion. For the most part, a majority of the population wants to adhere to their religious roots. Churches, therefore, experience rise and falls in attendance. Congregants know the message they want to hear, so they attend church service to be reminded. When you are in need of non denominational churches near Neptune Beach, FL, you’ll know where to go.

Here are three reasons why non-denominational churches are seeing a rise in attendance.

Little to No Restrictions

Denominational churches have a specific set of rules they abide. If you take a look at the history of religion, you find churches, for the most part, had the same message until someone decided to set down a new set of rules. This kind of leadership began to create smaller factions within Christianity, and so, the religion ended up with several denominations. A non-denominational church tends to simply follow the Bible and the word of God. Congregants can be free to worship within the standards set down for them by those two tools.


Religion, sometimes, is not too different from government. When the denominations set down rules for worship and interpretation, it means they must assign duties to enforcers. Once any entity, including government, religion, and business, has to assign enforcers, it is only a matter of time before the organization becomes bureaucratic. Once something becomes bureaucratic, it shifts the attention away from the mission and vision to enforcement.

More Time Defining What They Are Against

When a church is denominational, it has to stay on message. Sometimes, this means more time is spent on defining what they are against than what they support.

These churches are gaining popularity, especially non-denominational churches near Neptune Beach, FL. To find out why, consider visiting and experiencing it in person.