The Ford Fusion is a great choice for you if you commute back and forth to school or work. It’s the number six vehicle in the category of midsize cars on US News for a few good reasons. To see for yourself, ask to test drive the car at any dealership offering the Ford Fusion in Joliet, IL. Here are three reasons why that would be a good move for you:

Above Average Fuel-Efficiency

The first reason you should consider buying a Ford Fusion is the excellent fuel efficiency. It has one of the highest efficiency numbers in the industry. You can get a whopping 34 miles per gallon out of the model. Other models don’t provide nearly as much. That amount of gas mileage can take you a long way when you’re struggling to make it through the week.

Massive Power

The Fusion has a massive amount of power even though not many people realize it. You can get 325 horsepower out of it if you choose the right model. That’ll be enough to get you to work on time every day.

Passenger-Friendly Technology

Finally, technology is a good reason to invest in the Ford Fusion in Joliet, IL. Ford took its time and made sure it put a lot of good tech in there so that you and your passengers would never be bored in any way. Examples of tech features you’ll come across in this car are features like HD Radio, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and SYNC 3 Infotainment. All those features combined will provide you and your fellow passengers the best time of your lives inside the vehicle. In fact, it’s the perfect car for a long road trip.

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