If you want to add some style and flare to your personal jewelry collection, then you can purchase some Middle Eastern jewelry that will look ravishing. Many of the best pieces that are inspired by Middle Eastern fashions are made from high-quality materials and include shapes and adornments to make them even more visually appealing. Here are some Middle Eastern pieces that you should consider adding to your jewelry collection.

21K Gold Necklace

You can find 21K gold necklaces that feature intricate designs in their chains along with medallions that have eye-catching emblems. Chains on certain Middle Eastern necklaces are draped in ways that enhance their visual appeal even further.

21K Gold Dangle Earrings

Putting a spin on the classic dangle earrings, many types of Middle Eastern earrings have been designed with multiple sections to create a multitiered look. Some of these sections include round and triangular shapes along with unique formations to give them a more distinct appearance.

Diamond Fashion Rings

If you like diamonds, then you’ll definitely appreciate the Middle Eastern-style diamond rings that feature hints of purple, silver and other colors that are pleasing to the eye. Some of the bands on these rings appear to be woven to showcase a special uniqueness in the way that they were crafted.

Eye Pendant

This clever piece of jewelry is made with 18K white gold and showcases an image that resembles an open blue eye in its center. The eye pendant will be especially good to wear if you’re looking to make a bold statement with a special outfit or at an upscale event.

Incorporating some Middle Eastern jewelry can give your collection more uniqueness and style while helping you accessorize in new and exciting ways. Many of these pieces go great with a variety of outfits and can take your personal style to a new level.