If you have been researching online about teeth whitening, you may have found useful information and probably some misguided information as well. There are many myths on teeth whitening that need clarification lest patients will take the wrong information and probably end up damaging their teeth. In this article, we will demystify some of the most common teeth whitening myths and set the record straight for patients considering professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening procedure is uncomfortable

According to a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, some patients may experience a certain degree of sensitivity or discomfort during the teeth whitening procedure. It is, however, essential to note that teeth sensitivity mostly affects patients with pre-existing dental problems such as cavities or allergies.

Professionals at Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta also note that teeth sensitivity during teeth whitening is normal and you should not worry about it. During a teeth whitening procedure, your teeth may become temporarily dehydrated, which makes them sensitive. However, the sensitivity will disappear within 12-36 hours. A cosmetic dentist in Atlanta utilizes desensitizing ingredients to reduce the sensitivity during and after the whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening will damage your teeth

Some people have wrongly claimed that whitening procedures can harm your teeth. The truth is that there are two methods used to whiten teeth. The first method involves the use of bleaching agents that remove stains by penetrating the tooth. The second method requires abrasion to remove the stains on the surface of the tooth. The first method uses powerful whitening agents. The technique is effective and provides long-lasting results when done correctly. The second method works well with surface stains. If done incorrectly, it can damage your enamel and irritate the gums. That is why it is crucial to consult a cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta to learn about the best option for your case.

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