Homes and businesses in Hawaii must be maintained with the island’s climate in mind. The storms and humidity must be taken into account when choosing paints and other building materials. When it is time to repaint, all water damage, mold, and other damage must be repaired before new paint is applied. Repairing cracks, dents, and holes is important. Choosing the correct product is also important.

Choosing The Paint

Painters in Honolulu have paints they know will work well in the island climate and for hard use areas. They can guide a homeowner or business owner with the choice of paint to use. A home will require a different type of interior paint than a restaurant or retail supplier. Some areas will require more expensive paint that will withstand constant cleaning, grease build-up, and other conditions. Other areas will be fine with a good-quality semigloss or satin paint.

There are places where an oil or alkyd paint will last longer and provide better service. Other applications will do well with latex or acrylic paints. The painter can give advice on this important choice.

Choosing The Color

Next, after choosing the type of paint, is making correct color choices. This might seem like an easy decision, but it is an important one. Some colors of paint are more prone to fading in the bright sun. Others will take multiple coats for good coverage. Overly bright or dark colors may not be good choices depending on the room or building use. These colors may make customers uncomfortable or make a room seem dark and confining. Painters in Honolulu know what colors work and which ones are problematic.

The choice of paint color should be well thought out. A lighter, more neutral color is safer and can make small spaces appear larger. Some paint colors even disguise wall defects. Ceilings do not always need to be white. The ceiling color can complete a decor look, disguise plumbing, and heating equipment, or make a ceiling height appear taller.

The walls, ceiling, and trim colors should be chosen as one coordinating design plan. There should be some contrast and a pleasant play of colors. A new coat of paint in a different color than existing paint can give a room or a building exterior a whole new look. Contact us for more information.