Individuals who wear glasses or contacts understand how rewarding Lasik Surgery in Honolulu is. Lasik eye surgery is an alternative to restoring an individual’s vision without having to continue to wear corrective lenses. Common vision restorations include the following:

Vision Restorations

  • Nearsightedness. Nearsightedness is caused when the eyeball’s cornea curves too sharply. A sharply, curved cornea causing the light rays to focus to the front of the retina rather than the whole area, resulting in a blurred vision.
  • Farsightedness. Farsightedness is the result of an eyeball’s cornea being too flat. A flat cornea causes the light to focus behind the retina, resulting in their close vision being blurry.
  • Astigmatism. Astigmatisms occur when the cornea curves or flattens unevenly resulting in a disruption of vision both close and far away.

Choosing a Surgeon

Finding a surgeon for Lasik Surgery in Honolulu should be done with numerous amounts of research. Many considerations should be taken into account in order to ensure a well-qualified surgeon is chosen. Considerations include the following:

  • Licensing. It is critical to validate the surgeon is properly licensed according to state guidelines. Verification can be done by checking their credentials through the National Practitioner Data Bank.
  • Referrals. It is important the individual receives a referral from their primary eye doctor, as well as ask for a recommendation from a trusted individual who has recently received lasik surgery. Asking for referrals can help an individual to choose a surgeon with confidence.
  • Appointment. Once a surgeon has been chosen, it is important to schedule an appointment with the clinic such as Hawaii Vision Clinic, for a consultation. During the consultation with the surgeon, the individual should take notes and ask any questions as well as validate any concerns that he or she may have about the upcoming surgery.


Choosing the best lasik eye surgeon is important to ensure the individual has peace of mind before, during and after the surgery. It is important that the individual feels confident in his or her choice, as their vision is in the hands of the trusted individual. For more information on what to expect during the surgery, or to schedule an appointment, contact a vision clinic as soon as possible.