Butt acne may not be the most popular topic of conversation, but it is something most people experience at least time to time. While it is actually slightly different from actual acne, it still bothers in the same way typical breakouts do, especially in the summer or in warm climates where we want to let our skin shine.

What’s “Butt Acne?”

This very common condition is technically called folliculitis. It’s not the same condition that causes breakouts on our faces. Folliculitis happens when our hair follicles become inflamed, causing red bumps and patches of white caused by white blood cells and dead skin. Anything that creates friction can cause it, which is why it’s more common in the summer and in warm areas where you’re more likely to wear wet clothes like swimsuits or sweaty leggings.

How Can I Stop It?

Avoiding damp or sweaty clothing can help prevent folliculitis, but that’s a difficult task in the summer months or in warm climates.

Because folliculitis is different than acne, it requires a different solution. A gentle formula that will target blemishes while brightening and smoothing your complexions is most effective. Miami Beach Bum provides just that. Made from aloe, jojoba and other natural ingredients, it’s one of the best butt creams for banishing bumps and moisturizing the skin.

The gentle, ultra-concentrated formula relies on oregano to target spots and pearl to clear your complexion. Applying a dime-sized amount twice a day to dry, clean skin will do the trick, and one tub is enough for two to three months of daily use. We especially love the vanilla and orange scent that is perfect for summer.

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