How do you decide whether to do all the work of moving yourself or hire a mover in South Orange, NJ? It can seem cheaper to pack your own belongings, rent a truck, and lure friends into helping you move with the promise of pizza and drinks at the end of a long day. But the end of that day could find you with frayed nerves, irritated friends, and a box or two of glass shards instead of the favorite stemware you packed at 2 a.m. Wouldn’t it be better to have all that stress replaced with confidence in a professional mover?

Selecting a Mover in South Orange, NJ

A personal referral is nice to have but might be hard to come by in this age of people doing things on their own. Any mover must be licensed and insured, and the type of licensing you should check for depends on whether you’re moving locally or to another state. Also, the type of insurance the mover offers might depend on the possessions you have: it might not cover the piano that’s been in your family for three generations, so see whether you need an additional policy. Finally, check with an agency that monitors business, e.g., the Better Business Bureau, to see whether a prospective mover in South Orange, NJ has had customer complaints and, if so, what that mover has done to resolve them.

Getting an Estimate from your Mover in South Orange, NJ

Before you hire a mover in South Orange, NJ, it is important to get an estimate. Some companies will do an estimate for free. Ascertain whether the estimate is binding and whether it covers unanticipated issues such as difficulty of access on either end of the move. Be sure you know exactly what the mover is promising for the fees it charges. A company might even send a representative to your home to make the estimate on-site.

Packing for a Move

How your belongings are packed is important: you want your possessions to arrive at your new home intact. With the right materials and careful packing, a mover in South Orange, NJ can ensure that your fragile items reach their destination in the shape they left your former home. A mover can even do the packing for you. Check with prospective movers to see what services they offer in this vein.


Perhaps you have items that you don’t wish to move to your new location but still want to keep in your life for future use. Or you’re trying to maximize the spaciousness of the home you’re selling by removing items that make it look too cluttered. Perhaps you are not moving at all but need some additional room in your current home. General Moving Carriers is a premier residential and commercial moving company based in Maplewood, New Jersey, servicing the tri state area which offers great storage space and can be a wonderful “one-stop shopping” source for your moving and storage needs.