The top reason most people avoid seeing a dentist is that they don’t have the money to pay for dental work. Unfortunately, this causes a domino effect on the teeth and mouth. The longer you wait to have the benefits of dentistry near Macon GA, the more damage is done. Expensive to repair, damaged teeth take longer to repair. Here’s what the domino effect looks like.

Decaying Teeth

Food particles and bacteria mix to form plaque. This sticks to teeth that aren’t brushed and flossed regularly. When it builds up, it eats into the enamel and causes tooth decay. Avoiding the dentist is an open invitation for plaque to enter the gums, causing damages requiring root canals and crowns on affected teeth.

Diseased Gums

The gums fit like a tight lid on a jar of homemade jam. They prevent bacteria from getting into the tops of the teeth. Gum disease comes in two forms. Gingivitis is when the bacteria gets beneath the gums, causing inflammation and damaging the teeth. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent gingivitis.

Periodontal disease is when the bones in which the teeth are seated are affected. The bacteria and plaque causes pockets and spaces between the teeth and gums. While you will see the bleeding gums of gingivitis, you won’t see the damages done by periodontal disease. Dentistry near Macon, GA, will pick up on it and move to repair it.

Health Conditions

It’s possible for dental problems to cause medical ones. Diabetes and heart disease are the two biggies caused by dental problems. Seeing your dentist regularly can and will prevent or at least slow the progression of these health conditions.