If we recommend that you receive dental crowns in Evanston, you may wonder how you got here? Dental crowns are used to completely cover teeth that are fractured or require the attachment of a bridge, as well as for other reasons. A dental crown helps to strengthen damaged teeth and improve their aesthetics, shape or alignment. We can also place a crown over an implant to recreate the shape and structure of the original tooth.

Dental Crowns Materials

Porcelain and ceramic materials make popular choices for dental crowns in Evanston, since they match the original color of the teeth. Other types of materials sometimes used in dental crowns include metal and gold alloys, ceramic and acrylic. Metallic alloys are known for their great strength and may be advised for the back teeth. Porcelain can be used when your dental crown will be in the front part of your mouth that will be visible to other people.


Before anyone receives new dental crowns in Evanston, we will need to alter the tooth for fitting. After some of the tooth material has been removed, we will form an impression to create a mold for your crown. This mold is sent to a lab that actually makes the dental crown using the material that we specify. Finally, we will actually place your new dental crown on top of your prepared tooth.

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