Intravenous ketamine depression treatment in Kansas City has proved effective for many men and women who have not been able to improve their symptoms with other therapies. The infusions are prescribed by psychiatrists and other doctors and may be provided by registered nurses and other qualified healthcare workers.

About Ketamine

Ketamine is primarily used as an anesthetic agent to induce unconsciousness and provide substantial pain relief. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration has not yet approved the medication for depressive disorders, but doctors are legally allowed to prescribe drugs for so-called off-label use. This is a relatively common practice since physicians often learn the positive effects of medications before a large enough number of studies have been completed.

Medication-Resistant Depression

Some individuals find that their depression is resistant to all the prescription drugs they try. A medication or two may work fairly well for a while but then its effects dissipate. This can be a disheartening situation in which the person begins feeling hopeless. Ketamine depression treatment in Kansas City may offer a solution.

Rapidity of Results

Since each patient responds differently, some will have faster results than others. One patient may experience considerable lightening of mood after one or two infusions, while another will need several before noticing positive results. Certain patients may need ongoing treatment every month or two, while others have reported a full remission after a few weeks of this therapy.

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