Having your own home gym offers many advantages. It allows you to workout when you want, in the privacy of your own home, without having to drive anywhere or wait for the equipment you want to use to become available. Having a home gym that helps you achieve your workout goals requires picking the right equipment for your needs. Read on to learn how to choose the right home gym equipment in Lee’s Summit for you.

Types of Home Gyms

Before you start shopping for home gym equipment in Lee’s Summit, it helps to know what type of home gym you’d like to create. You may want a combination of portable options like dumbbells, stability balls, mats, steps and bands, or simply a set of free weights. Alternatively, you may prefer a full multi-gym using bands, cords or stacked weights.

Standard Home Gym Setup

Having a home gym that offers a complete and well-rounded workout does not require spending a fortune and amassing a ton of exercise equipment. Rather, all you need are a few choice items that offer the versatility and range to cover every region of the body. The typical home gym in the mid-range in terms of both cost and functionality tends to have the following pieces of workout equipment:

  • Adjustable bench to sit or recline
  • Metal weights stacked with pins for load-selection
  • Pulldown and press bars
  • Seated cable rowing system
  • Leg curl and extension systems

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