Even though a pool can offer a lot of fun days in the summer months, you need to get through the installation process. The process can be a bit easier with the assistance of a reputable pool contractor in Orange County who has a team of workers who can prepare the ground and complete the project. Here are a few things that could occur during the installation process so that you’re prepared when the workers arrive.

Preparing the Ground

One of the things that will need to occur is excavating the ground where the pool will be installed. Think of this as making a pathway for where the concrete and other materials will be placed for the foundation of your pool. The area where your pool will be built should be in the sunlight and shouldn’t be underneath or near a lot of trees.

Making the Frame

After the land has been cleared, the frame of the pool will be placed. You’ll be able to see the structure of the pool before the lining or concrete is placed. All of the plumbing and any electrical components will be positioned at this time as well.

Final Stages

Before you can dive into the water, a pool contractor in Orange County will need to place the material that will be filled with water. This could be a vinyl lining, fiberglass, or another material that you choose. Water is added and tested to make sure the pH levels are just right. After adding a few finishing touches, you can enjoy warm summer days in your pool.

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