When it comes to transitioning to the afterlife, not everyone wishes to do it the same way. Some people request a burial, while others are okay with cremation. If you are trying to plan cremation services and are unsure of the process, here are some things you should know.

You Can Have A Ceremony

Just because your loved one is being cremated doesn’t mean that there won’t be a funeral. You can still have funeral services the same way you would if they were being buried. If you choose to have the body embalmed, this will allow you to have a viewing, or you could skip this part and have pictures of the deceased, instead.

Costs are Significantly Less

If your loved one didn’t have life insurance and you will have to cover the cost of the funeral expenses out of pocket, then you may want to consider searching for

cremation arrangements in Monroe, MI. Traditional funerals can cost thousands of dollars, the bulk of which must be paid upfront. With cremation, you would pay a portion upfront, and typically you’d pay the balance, and the ashes will be given to you.

May Have More Sentimental Value

While a typical burial requires that you go to your loved one’s gravesite whenever you want to place flowers or just commune with their spirit. When you have a cremation ceremony, you are allowed to keep your loved one’s ashes, and even have them placed in a portable urn that you can take with you wherever you go.

If you are considering cremation arrangements in Monroe, MI, know that you have plenty of options that are not limited by cremation. Your loved one can still have a beautiful home-going ceremony that he or she would be happy with had they been there to witness it.

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