Like most states, Washington requires each of its residents to have an active auto insurance policy to drive legally. If you have just acquired a vehicle, the next step is to get insurance and register it, meaning you have to choose the type of coverage that works best for you. An Insurance Agency for auto insurance in Aberdeen, WA, will have multiple levels of coverage, from liability up to full coverage, you can choose from. Here are some factors that

Your car is a lease

In most lease agreements, the dealership will require you to have full coverage on the vehicle because it is a new car. Be sure to check and see if your lease agreement includes gap insurance before you choose your auto insurance policy.

It’s a new vehicle

If you have purchased a new vehicle, the value of the car is going to be much more than the coverage if it is totaled in an accident, especially if you only have liability insurance. Choose full coverage with gap insurance for your auto insurance in Aberdeen, WA, if you want your new car to fully covered in the event of an accident.

Peace of mind

Full coverage insurance is a great idea for any person that wants zero headaches if their car is damaged in an accident. In some cases, the insurance agency covers everything, including a rental car, while the car is being fixed or replaced. If you are considering full coverage on your vehicle, call today for more information.