Plumbing is an important service that maintains the septic systems in your home or business. Maintaining a good plumbing system helps your toilets and sinks to flush water and waste regularly as needed. If you need plumbing services, let’s “plunge” out of your plumbing problem to get it fixed!

Green’s Furnace & Plumbing Company is your local residential and commercial plumber in Lincoln, NEFor all of our residential and commercial clients, we offer emergency services and financing options are even available for larger plumbing projects. Get free quotes for a residential or commercial project at any time!

Our home plumbing services range more than just fixing toilets or leaky faucets. If you have temperature fluctuations in the sink water, we can fix that to maintain regular temperatures no matter if you choose hot or cold. If the water pressure is not satisfactory, we can fix it so that the pressure is here liking.

Do you have a sink or bath tub with a slow leak? Call us to help de-clog that problem drain so water drains normally again. Our home plumbing technicians even install garbage disposals!

Our commercial plumbing services include installing and maintaining a plumbing system, renovating, retrot services, and more. The commercial services are about the same as home services, except there is more maintenance involved to make sure that plumbing systems are on par for all workers and customers that use business bathrooms.

Let us be your local residential and commercial plumber in Lincoln, NE, by giving us a call 402-467-4444 or submitting a quote request via our website.