While many businesses are focused on digital advertising, it’s easy to overlook traditional opportunities for reaching customers. Outdoor signs in Davie, FL, can catch attention and make a good first impression with an effective design. Here are a few tips for creating a memorable sign.

Choose a color to catch attention, such as bright red or neon green, but make sure the background and words have a strong contrast. Red words on a white background will be easier to read than a gray and blue sign. Work with a company that designs signs in Davie, FL, to find the right combination.

Decorative fonts may be attractive, but the flourishes can be difficult to read at a distance. Keep it simple with traditional lettering, and remember to keep the message simple as well. It may be tempting to include lots of details, but larger letters are more legible. People may ignore your sign if it’s crammed with too many words and graphics.

Consider using colors, shapes and other elements of your logo for branding consistency. You’ve put some thought into your company’s message, image and how to stand out in your market. Creating signage that captures your vision may seem overwhelming; consulting a designer who’s experienced business signs in Davie, FL, can help.

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Signarama Davie specializes in custom signage, and their friendly team is dedicated to finding the right mix of colors, fonts and graphics to reach your target audience.