Oklahoma is not known for bitterly cold winters, but sometimes the state’s residents have to put up with temperatures that are far below the norm. Even when winters have average temperatures, residents don’t want to live without a heating system in Yukon, OK. The average low temperature in January is about 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bitterly Cold Temperatures

In February 2011, for instance, the mercury dropped to -31 degrees in some parts of the state. The 12th-coldest winter on record for Oklahoma was 2014. In 2016, temperatures dipped as low as -18 degrees. Households were especially grateful they had a functional heating system in Yukon, OK, even though they had to spend a lot on heat in those years.

Getting a Break

In 2020, Oklahoma residents have gotten a break from those harsh weather conditions with relatively mild temperatures in January and February. This has been the 14th-warmest January on record for Oklahoma, with an average high temperature in the 40s. Even that is too low to live without residential heat.

Types of Fuel

A forced-air furnace is the most common choice for heating in the state. Households in municipalities and nearby generally use natural gas. Homes in rural areas may rely on propane or heating oil. However, fewer than 1 percent of homes in this state rely on oil for heat. A furnace manufactured to run on natural gas can be converted to a propane model by service technicians before installation. Furnaces are installed, maintained and repaired by Gatlin Heat & Air.