You’ve decided this girl is the one. You’re planning the perfect way to propose to this perfect creature, but first, you need to make the right choice from engagement rings in Chicago. How can you get her ring size without her knowing?

Borrow One Of Her Rings

You’ll not only have to be sneaky to pull this one off, but you’ll need to remember which hand and finger on which she wears her rings. Women’s dominant hands are a size to a size and a half bigger than the other hand. If she wears a size seven ring on her dominant right hand, then chances are good her left hand will take a size six ring. Then all you have to do is have the ring sized and sneak it back to where she keeps her rings.

Ask Her Opinion

Tell her you’re buying a ring for your mom for her birthday. Mom’s fingers are about the size of your future fiance’s. Would she mind trying the ring on so you can gauge the fit? Everybody enjoys having their opinion sought. She’ll eat it up, and you’ll get her ring size without her knowing.

Try Her Rings On

She’ll just think you’re fooling around absent-mindedly, but you’ll be getting an idea of her ring size. Chances are good the rings will only go on your little finger, so you’ll have it sized. Voila! Engagement rings in Chicago, here you come! Albert’s Diamond Jewelers are prepared to wow her with your choice of engagement rings, so contact us at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers once you get her ring size.