Technology evolves so quickly that you may hear about services that you simply don’t understand. Cloud hosting is one such technology. Here is what you should know about the service.

What is Cloud Hosting?

When hosting services were first introduced for businesses, single servers were used for the platform and data. Rather than using a single server for your web application, cloud hosting draws upon a network of servers. While this may seem to complicate hosting, it simplifies and strengthens the process.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

When you host your web application on a single server, you are restricted by the uptime, power, and network speed of that server. With cloud hosting, reliability, speed, performance, and other factors increase significantly. If one server goes down, another picks up the processing, and you see no downtime. The same concept applies to performance. Should one server have a volume of traffic, your traffic is shifted to another server, and your visitors see no delays.

How Affordable is Cloud Hosting?

Technology can be expensive, but this is not necessarily the case when you use

cloud hosting in Dallas, TX. Most companies offer flexible fee schedules, and you can find a monthly cost that fits comfortably in your operating budget. When you are deciding on a plan for your company, consider the money saved in downtime and lost customers with single-server hosting.

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