For traffic to operate properly, each vehicle on the road must start and stop safely. Anytime the driver cannot control those aspects of their vehicle, everyone on the road is at risk for injury. Keeping the brakes in tip-top shape is the best way that a car owner can do their part in safeguarding those around them. They just need to know the best times to take their vehicle in for servicing. Here are ways that a car can signal the need for brake repairs.


The ride along the road should be smooth and relaxing. Yet, there are times the vehicle can tremble and vibrate when the brakes are applied. With these sensations, a strong possibility of warped rotors exists. These are the parts that the brake pads grip onto when slowing the vehicle. A technician experienced in auto brake repair in Marshalltown, IA, can verify if this has happened.


When a driver presses the brakes, they expect the vehicle to slow and come to a stop. What they don’t expect from the vehicle is to turn in another direction. If a vehicle is pulling to the side when the brakes are pressed, there can be a problem in the brake hose, pads or fluid. These indications should be reviewed right away at a facility for auto brake repair in Marshalltown, IA. For a vehicle that is showing these signs, contact Rasmusson Service Center.