As you prepare for a major relocation across the country, you contemplate the work ahead and wonder how you will ever get it all handled. You realize that there are more belongings in your home than what you can pack into a moving van or truck. You must leave some of the possessions behind and send for them later after you get settled.

Rather than making the trip back to get these items, you can hire contractors to pack and ship them to you. These benefits come with using professional shipping services in Collier County, FL, for your move today.

Careful Storage

During the time that you move and have the items shipped to you, you can be sure that they will be stored safely in a secure location. The company can box up the items carefully and pack them in sturdy and protective cardboard boxes and other containers. The items will then be stored in a dry and safe unit until you signal that you want them shipped to you.

At that point, the company will package up the containers securely with tape and packing peanuts before shipping them out in one of their fleet vehicles. Your items arrive safely and in one piece.

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