If you have missing teeth, you might wonder about the best method for replacing them. Many people may find that dentures are a great option for them. Dentures can be just the thing to give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted. These days, dentures Cary, IL, look great, they’re comfortable, and they’re more functional than they have been in the past. This article will talk about both traditional dentures and the implant-stabilized version.

Traditional Dentures

A full set of dentures have a base that is topped with a realistic-looking set of teeth. These dentures fit snugly against your gums. Dentures stay in place with an adhesive when you eat, chew, speak, and do other things with your mouth. Those who only have a few missing teeth can wear partial dentures.

Getting Implant-Stabilized Dentures

There’s another way to wear dentures Cary, IL without using an adhesive. With a few dental implants, your dentures can get secured in your gums. Dentures have titanium rods that get placed below your gumline into your jaw. When the rods fuse with your jawbone, dentures can get snapped on during the day and taken out at night. Implant-stabilized dentures don’t move around in your mouth. These types of dentures can also protect the density of your jawbone from deteriorating, which can happen without tooth roots.

What Types of Dentures Should You Get?

Both types of dentures can give you a great-looking smile. If you visit your dentist, the two of you can decide which type of denture treatment is right for you. While traditional dentures will cost less, you will need to use adhesives. Implant-stabilized dentures require oral surgery. Thinking about the benefits and downsides of each type of denture treatment will ensure that you pick the right choice for you and your situation.

Dr. Thomas Skleba of Cary Dental Associates has worked to give the residents of Cary, IL, the smile of their dreams for many years.