Residential property owners who live out of the city limits are likely to have a septic system instead of being hooked up with the municipal wastewater treatment line. They will appreciate the convenience of having the tank pumped by a contractor who also can provide skilled plumbing service in Buckeye, AZ.

Checking for Problems

People who are shopping for residential real estate may find the idea of living out of town appealing, but they may be unfamiliar with septic systems. If this is the first time they’ve bought a house, they’ll want to look for indications of plumbing problems and septic system issues. These should be found during a professional home inspection, but some can be seen during a showing of the house.

The Septic System

The septic tank should be pumped and inspected before the real estate transaction is complete. The workers make sure there are no flaws in the tank or the pipes. This job can be completed by a contractor providing both septic and plumbing service in Buckeye, AZ. There should not be evidence of leaks either at the tank site or in the drain field. Unusually green, lush grass is one sign of a leak. Another is unexplained dampness at these sites.

Indoor Plumbing

Anyone considering buying a rural home should feel free to flush the toilets and run water during the showing. Toilets that don’t stop running and faucets that leak should be fixed by a plumber. All of these projects can be completed by the contracting company Septic Technologies Inc.