Remodeling one or more areas of the home is a major undertaking. Finding the right contractor is essential to ensure the job is done right and in the time promised. With many remodeling contractors in Clearwater to choose from, a homeowner may feel overwhelmed. Following are some tips that will be of help during the selection process.

Conduct Phone Interviews

Begin narrowing the list of potential contractors by contacting each company to discuss the project. During this conversation, ask about projects they have handled in the past and how many they typically work on simultaneously. Learn which tasks will be delegated to subcontractors and what process they use to investigate these individuals. They will be working in the home and the occupants must feel comfortable having them around for hours every day.

Meet With Prospects Face-to-Face

Once the list has been narrowed through phone interviews, schedule meetings with three or more contractors. Have them come out to look at the desired project and give their opinion on the work to be done. They should make recommendations based on the information provided so the homeowner has a better understanding of what can and cannot be done. Personality should be considered during this meeting. Does the contractor try to push his or her ideas on the homeowner? Are all questions answered and explanations provided when asked? If not, it is best to continue looking.

Conduct Research

Once the list has been whittled down to one or two contractors, research their background. Check their insurance to make certain it remains valid and follow up with the licensing board to see if anything has changed since the license was issued. Also be sure to look for complaints lodged against the contractor by employees, clients, or subcontractors. One or two complaints may be expected, as nobody can make everyone happy. However, more than one or two is cause for concern. Furthermore, be sure to look at how a complaint was resolved, as this says a great deal about the contractor.

Visit us to learn more about how to compare Remodeling Contractors in Clearwater. This is one choice no homeowner wants to get wrong. With time and effort, the right company can be selected, and these tips make the process easier. Be sure to make use of them.