In the legal world, a personal injury is defined as some type of event that leads to significant physical or emotional pain for an individual. While the injury may be very real, proving that another person or entity caused that damage is not always easy. That is one of the main reasons to seek advice from a personal injury attorney in Sidney, OH.

An Unbiased Look at the Circumstances

Choosing to talk to a personal injury attorney in Sidney, OH, is the most effective strategy for getting an objective assessment of the circumstances surrounding the event or series of events. People who are very close to the situation do not always have the ability to understand how things fit together, or even if there are grounds for seeking some sort of damages through a court of law. The attorney can maintain enough distance from the emotions surrounding the event to consider each aspect with balance and precision. That will go a long way in determining if the client has grounds for filing suit and if there is a reasonable chance of receiving a judgement in favor of the plaintiff.

Pursuing the Case

Assuming the attorney believes the client has a case, the first step usually involves extending the opposing party an opportunity to negotiate. Typically, that party will also secure legal counsel and meetings are arranged to discuss the terms. In some cases, it is possible to come to some sort of agreement without ever going to court. When that is the case, the necessary documents are drafted and signed, and the matter is considered closed.

Should the party accused of causing the injury decline to negotiate, the attorney will file the proper documents with the court. This will initiate the process of filing a suit and establishing a date for the case to be heard in front of a judge and possibly a jury. After filing the suit and before the court date arrives, the attorney will go about the business of preparing the case, including securing cooperation from witnesses, collecting documents relevant to the case, and any other legal measure that will help protect the interests of the client.

Securing an attorney increases the odds of receiving compensation that helps the injured party move past the incident to whatever degree is possible. For anyone believing they have a valid claim, seeking counsel today is important. Doing so could mean more financial security tomorrow. Visit Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A. today.