Many people assume that the signs of elder abuse are obvious, but a at times, it is easy for indications that abuse is occurring to be overlooked, even by loved ones. Here are some of the signs to be on the lookout for, and why calling one of the nursing home abuse attorneys in New Lenox is the right thing to do.

Change in Demeanor

While adjusting to life in a nursing home does take time, many residents begin to feel comfortable and relax over time. However, when a loved one seems to remain ill at ease or becomes withdrawn, that could mean something is going on when no one is around. If attempts to find out if things are as they should be seem to be blocked, that does indicate the time has come to call one of the nursing home abuse attorneys in New Lenox and get some advice.

Noticeable Weight Loss

While elderly people do tend to experience some loss of appetite later in life, they still look forward to their meals, but residents who are subjected to abuse often tend to shy away from eating. Part of this is due to feeling despondent over a situation that is out of control. When a loved one is losing weight noticeably and no medical explanation is forthcoming, it pays to see if some sort of abuse is going on.

Change in Wardrobe

In times past, the loved one favored clothing that included short sleeves and open necks. Recently, long sleeves and tops buttoned all the way up seem to be the more common choice of attire. Assuming the weather is not getting cooler, it could be an attempt to cover up signs of physical abuse. While it can be difficult to find out if there are bruises and other signs the patient is hiding, make the effort. If the loved one is being abused, it needs to stop now.

For anyone who suspects that elder abuse is taking place, call the team at Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today. The matter can be investigated and if there is evidence of wrongdoing, action can be taken that protects the loved one and makes sure the abuser no longer has access to the elderly.