A truck accident attorney in Live Oak, FL will help clients in the litigation process. They will explain to you all options for which you may file a claim for damages and compensation. You, however, must present your attorney with as much information as possible about your accident. The first key element is the accident report. In most truck accidents, local law enforcement launches an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. The investigation is also required to ensure that the laws related to 18-wheelers and similar vehicles were followed.

Abiding by the Law

All truck drivers are restricted in terms of driving time. In fact, all drivers are required to keep a log of their time on the road. This is not enforced for private drivers as much as it is for commercial fleets; however, it is still the law. While investigating, law enforcement will determine whether the driver exceeded their allowed driving time based on the driving log. If this log implies that the driver exceeded this allowance, they may receive a citation.

In some cases, it is probable that the driver ingested caffeine-based medications to enable them to drive further distances. Law enforcement will test for these over-the-counter medications and inspect the truck for any proof that may lead to the conclusion that the driver was under the influence of these medications. In some areas, it is illegal to consume them while operating a motor vehicle as it may produce the probability of an accident due to lack of coordination.

Repairs Gone Wrong

The truck is inspected to determine whether or not all of its mechanical features were in proper operating order. Most commercial trucking companies keep a log of repairs for each truck in their fleet. Law enforcement will determine whether there were any recent repairs performed on the truck. The repaired areas of the truck are inspected to ensure that they were performed correctly and without failure on the mechanic’s part.


A truck accident attorney represents victims who were injured during an 18-wheeler accident. The attorney reviews evidence based upon the investigation conducted by local law enforcement. This investigation and your medical records are key items required in the litigation process. Your attorney will submit this documentation with your claim. Contact Duane E. Thomas, Attorney at Law for more information about truck accidents and the litigation process.

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