Many companies offer tax preparation services to their clients, but how do you choose the right professionals for the job? With rampant fraud in the niche, taking enough time to do your research will be the key to getting a quality service and avoiding a fraudulent return.

Specialization and Experience

Research multiple possibilities and make sure that the professionals working for the particular company have experience with your type of return. The majority of accountants and other professionals specializing in tax documentation are qualified to prepare the 1040 for you. The best companies, however, provide a full range of taxation document preparation services.

Other possible services to look for include:

  • Fiduciary tax return – Form 1041
  • Partnerships – Form 1065
  • Regular corporations tax return – Form 1120
  • Subchapter-S corporations tax return – Form 1120S
  • Pension taxes – Form 5500

Warning Signs

The best tax preparation services can be difficult to find, because many companies make false claims, thus confusing potential clients. There are several red flags you should be careful about.

Beware of companies that make claims about giving you the biggest possible refund. In addition, the fee should be flat, rather than a percentage of the tax refund you get.

Finally, check the reputation of the tax preparer that you are interested in working with. Check for any disciplinary actions against the company or the professional. The Better Business Bureau can provide a lot of important information that you can use to make the final decision.

A Few Questions to Ask

After narrowing it down to just a few possibilities, talk to the professionals and ask all of your questions. These will be the key to distinguishing between professional tax preparation companies in Marietta GA and choosing the best option.

Inquire about the preparer’s qualification and training. Only certified public accountants (CPAs), attorneys, and enrolled agents have the right to represent you before the IRS. It would be even better if the preparer is affiliated with any professional organization that provides continuous training and further qualification.

Finally, ask about the preparer’s audit record. Companies and professionals that represent individuals should have a very low record, and tax preparers working with businesses could potentially have a slightly higher audit rate. A very high audit rate could be a sign of trouble, which is why you need to get the information in advance.

Start looking for a quality tax preparation service early. Check around and compare conditions and credentials. The best companies on the market will be willing to provide sufficient information, simplifying the task for you.