Are you struggling to find your perfect balance between affordability, commutability, and space? Every year many UNC students are faced with a difficult decision that should ideally be simple: where to live. While rental prices, roommate options and commute times may be a challenge to keep track of, you should know right now that there is no need to worry. There are creative options that exist which can be tailored to your academic needs.


Do yourself and your guidance counselor a favor and make sure that your final choice for off campus housing near UNC campus is in a location where you are confident that you can arrive for class on time. College is a time to prepare yourself for the workforce, so it can be a good exercise in planning if you are a parent who is assisting their son or daughter through the process.

Find The Perfect Roommate

While there may not be such thing as a perfect roommate, now there is a way to choose from one to four spacious, well-lit bedrooms and be matched with roommates based on your needs, interests, and pet peeves. Not a smoker? No problem! You won’t have to worry about being subjected to unwanted habits of your co-habitants. If you don’t want to be matched you can also apply with friends. You’re only responsible for paying for your own rent and utilities.


While there are more important things to look for in an off-campus apartment, so is your mental health. After all, all work and no play can get dull rather quickly. That’s why there is also merit in taking into account the things which bring you pleasure. If you love taking a dip in the pool, perhaps you should put this higher in your priority list.

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