Cosmetic surgery procedures have always been a popular solution when it comes to treating signs of aging. However, surgery can take time for a patient to heal, especially patients with underlying conditions that may cause prolonged pain and inconvenience. Mint (minimal invasive nonsurgical thread) procedures have taken away the inconveniences that are typically associated with surgical cosmetic surgery. Perhaps you have a successful practice and are wanting to add mint procedures to your menu of aesthetic offerings. Here are two benefits of using PDO (polydioxanone) thread for mint procedures.

Rapid Recovery

One of the main benefits of utilizing PDO thread for mint procedures is that it offers your patients rapid recovery. This means your patients will now be able to get back to their normal routine after a mint procedure. This benefits you as you can see more patients, and it benefits your patients because they will not have to worry about spending hours on end for a simple procedure.

Minimal Scarring

Another benefit of using PDO thread is that patients will experience minimal scarring. PDO threads are bi-directional and helically positioned. This means it strongly anchors to the tissue and desired position, precisely, without the need of making an incision.

Highest Quality

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