It’s common for men and women to pursue a master’s degree at a different school from the one where they completed their undergraduate education. Several reasons can account for this decision. Graduate students may prefer off-campus student housing at Florida State University, even if they lived in a residence hall throughout their earlier studies.

Sometimes the college where the undergraduate degree was completed does not offer a master’s degree in the person’s field of interest. Completing a graduate program thus must be done at a different university. Off-campus student housing at Florida State University may be desirable for graduate students. Graduate students usually are in their 20s or older. They like the independent lifestyle connected with residing in an apartment.

A master’s program might be available at the same school, but perhaps the student wants the name of a more prestigious university on his or her resume. Going to a top research college may be a goal.

Another reason the person chooses a different school is to experience a change in environment. This student might want to enroll in a much larger college or move to a bigger city. Moving to a different state also could be an exciting prospect. A resident of a northern state might feel enthusiastic about being able to live in a year-round warm climate for a change.

Living off-campus provides numerous advantages compared with staying in one of the college residence halls. Information on a particularly appealing off-campus apartment complex near Florida State can be viewed. For more information visit Redpoint Wtenn.