A divorce attorney Charlotte NC may spend a significant amount of time helping those who’ve tried to file a pro se divorce (without legal representation). In the end, it is cheaper and easier to hire an attorney and do things right from the beginning than paying them to fix mistakes already made. Here are some of the reasons hiring a divorce lawyer can greatly affect a case’s outcome.

Lawyers Know the Court’s Processes

Most clients have little to no legal experience and don’t know how to address a judge or when to object. Divorcing spouses do not know which evidence will be excluded or considered, and most are unaware that past cases’ outcomes can affect future cases. By hiring an attorney, a client can get the benefit of the lawyer’s courtroom knowledge and experience.

Help with Asset and Property Division

During most marriages, spouses’ assets and properties become intertwined. The property division process can be long and complex, and it requires an abundance of experience and knowledge. If the other spouse has wasted assets or accrued debt or if any property is commingled, a divorce attorney in Charlotte NC can help straighten things out.

Getting Equal Parenting Time

Local divorce attorneys have seen and heard it all, and that experience allows them to make suggestions on parenting time. As children get older and parents enter new jobs and relationships, post-divorce negotiations can become messy. A divorce lawyer can help a spouse draw up a favorable parenting plan, which can be worth the effort when things get tough.

Avoiding High Fees

Even when a spouse doesn’t hire a lawyer, they may still be required to pay the other spouse’s attorney fees. If a client is so unfamiliar with the court process that the other side has to incur fees to compensate for their shortcomings, it can be costlier than it would have been if the client hired a lawyer in the beginning.

A substantial amount of a divorce lawyer’s practice is resolving errors made by inexperienced lawyers and self-representing clients. Although it’s a source of profit, a good lawyer would rather help clients avoid the frustrations and costs that can come with a botched divorce. Visit Conrad Trosch & Kemmy to schedule a consultation.