Not too many years ago, it was fairly standard procedure to have wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, IL from most mouths as soon as teenagers started showing signs they were growing in. It was generally believed that there was not room in most mouths for all three sets of molars and that they caused a lot of problems by shoving other teeth out of their place. However, new recommendations are that dentists and surgeons should wait and find out exactly if there are any problems caused by the wisdom teeth before they are removed. Over the years it was noted that more injuries and permanent problems were caused by unnecessary wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, IL than would have happened with just leaving the teeth in. However, there are still a lot of times that wisdom teeth do need to be removed and a good consultation with a trusted dentist or oral surgeon is an excellent idea before any decision is made as to its necessity.

If you feel pressured to make the decision immediately, you should probably choose to delay wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, IL. With the new guidelines in place, you should be able to tell your dentist you want a second opinion before rushing yourself or your children in for what is actually some fairly major surgery. But what conditions are likely to result in wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, IL? If the teeth are not coming in correctly, for example if they are lying sideways or coming out of the gum at an odd angle, that almost guarantees they will have to be surgically removed because they could cause a lot of pain. Also, if the patient’s mouth is very small and the rest of the teeth need extra space, then it is fairly certain that those third molars will have to go. However, again you might want a second opinion because if the child is young and there is still potential for the mouth to grow, then perhaps holding off a while to see what happens would not be amiss.

If you are considering having wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, IL, then finding out exactly why the recommendation for removal is being made would be the first step. If it is suggested that it is just always done or the dentist or surgeon likes to do it before the kids get too old or other such reasons, then you most likely want to get a second opinion and seriously consider your options. After all, wisdom teeth removal in Chicago IL is not something you can undo and you want to make sure that the potential benefits from the surgery far outweigh the risks.

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