Rotating equipment is the driving force behind processes in the petrochemical industry. They include gearboxes, turbines, blowers, generators, pumps, and engine compressors. Read on to find out how turbine alignment is essential for optimum productivity.

The Purpose of Efficiency

A turbine is a machine that transfers energy between fluid and rotor devices. It uses a heat source to heat water and convert it into steam. However, measurement technology improves the operation of turbines. It helps turbines to work more efficiently.

High Precision Results

The operation process relies on high precision machinery and its built-in components. This process also uses laser measurement instrumentation, which allows you to perform tasks within a minimum timeframe. It gives you quality results as well. To carry out the different processes, you need proper turbine alignment for components.

Different Turbines and Components

There are different types of turbines, depending on the process. Turbines also require the alignment of various components for efficiency. The gas turbine needs high precision alignment of its parts. These components include the expander, compressor, and combustion chamber. With steam turbines, the precision alignment of oil rings, bearings, shaft seals, and guide vane supports are necessary for maximum output.

However, the petrochemical industry is very competitive. It helps to pay attention to trends for methods used for measuring turbines. You want to make sure your operation performs with precision and at a faster speed. It is a bonus to have measurement results that are documented.