Your naturally curly hair is your crown and glory, requiring attentive care and specially created products. Whether you’re rocking free-flowing looks or protective styles, using styling foam for curly hair is a must. What type of styling foam should you use? Here’s a brief intro to curly hair types and recommended product ingredients.

The Texture of Life

Wave patterns come in all shapes and sizes. Each pattern behaves differently when exposed to an expert salon treatment, home styling, different hair product ingredients, and the endlessly random elements.

Generally, wave patterns and natural hair types fall into one of three categories: Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4. Each category contains subcategories corresponding to different degrees of frizz, wave, curl, and kinkiness. Type 2 is prone to lose frizz, whereas Types 3 and 4 often conform to an “S,” “Z” or tight coil, respectively.

Each type has an A, B, or C denotation for the fine to kinky spectrum. Type 4C, for example, would be the tightest coil, consisting of wiry to coarse hair that tends to be extremely fragile but prone to fast locking.

Truths About Curly Hair

Although curly hair has more natural body and density than fine hair, it’s also inherently soft and vulnerable to the elements. It’s prone to dryness if not properly hydrated and can break off if not given diligent, conscious care.

Today’s styling foam for curly hair contains all-natural humectants like shea butter and olive oil. These components attract and retain moisture without leaving curly hair weighted and greasy.

Curly hair styling foam also helps you maintain the sort of supple hair that bends easily, stays manageable, and boasts succulent luster. It helps hair resist breakage and sustain its signature curl pattern before and after styling and during heat-based treatments involving dryers and irons.