High pressure Washing is also known as hydro-cleaning and water blasting. Dirt and debris stuck on a surface are cleaned by propelling high pressured water on to the surface. The high pressured water is continuously focused on the surface that you want to clean. Pressure Washing near Clarksville TN area can be used to remove:

• Unwanted paint on walls and metals
• Gum stuck on sidewalks
• Stains from the surfaces of bathrooms, roof tiles and kitchen
• Sealants and membranes from concrete
• Rubbers from the runway

There are four main water pressure intensities that most companies that specialize in pressure Washing near Clarksville TN. The type of surface to be cleaned determines the water pressure intensity to be used. The four intensities include:

• Low pressure cleaning – 5,000 psi and below
• High pressure cleaning – 5,000 to 10,000 psi
• Water jetting – 10,000 to 25,000 psi
• Ultra high pressure jetting – 25,000 psi

Water cleaners come in two types; gas powered and electric powered cleaners. Electric powered cleaners produce a maximum pressure of 1700psi but gas powered cleaners exceed that limit. To control the pressure, different nozzles are used on the pressure cleaner. Most people prefer to use the medium nozzle as it can be used to clean almost all surfaces without damaging the surfaces.

If you have never used a pressure cleaner before, please note that it can be dangerous. The high water pressure can cause injuries and even death if the cleaner is not well handled. Hiring a professional to get the job done is your best bet.

Pressure Washing near Clarksville TN is the best way to ensure that your property looks pristine. Martin’s Quality Painting is the go to source for high quality pressure Washing near Clarksville TN and the surrounding areas.

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