Bitcoin was supposed to change the world, but if you’re waiting for sold coins to clear your accounts and finally show up, that can be a bit hard to believe. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to instantly buy and sell Bitcoin, and a number of other cryptocurrencies so that you could have cash in your hands in a matter of minutes? If you live in the Dallas area, there is, and it’s as easy as going to the ATM.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Dallas, Texas

No matter what your reason, the ability to get to your Bitcoin quickly is useful. If you’re trying to buy and sell Bitcoin in Dallas, Texas, this is what you need to know to do so quickly.

To buy Bitcoin in Dallas, use your debit or credit card at the nearest RockItCoin ATM. Complete the purchase just like anything else, and your cryptocurrency will be deposited in your account instantly. If you use the RockItCoin Wallet, you’re set. If not, scan in your paper wallet’s QR codes to your wallet as quickly as possible.

Selling Bitcoin is even easier. Go to the RockItCoin ATM, use your security code, and you’re in. From there, you can withdraw any amount of cash, from $20 to $2000, assuming you’ve got the cryptocurrency to sell.

Using RockItCoin ATMs

Bitcoin may provide you with a profit bigger than the Texas sky, or it could just be another way to keep your money safe. Whatever your use of the currency, if you want to have instant access to your money, go to for the nearest RockItCoin ATM in Dallas and start instantly trading more Bitcoin today!