The only thing worse than no heat in the winter is the icy stare that your beloved spouse can give you until heat is restored. There are many reasons why the heat can shut down, and not one of them should be explored by other than a trained and experienced service technician. Diagnosing the problem can be a tough task. and trying to fix what you think is wrong can be even tougher.

It is time to call the furnace repair company when the furnace stops heating the home. There could be at least 30 problems with the furnace, and not one will be obvious to the untrained eye. The homeowner could do more damage trying to repair the furnace. The trained technician can diagnose the problem quickly and fix it before the house gets too cold. Heating Services in Ephrata, PA are highly qualified furnace repair technicians, and they can spot other problems ready to become heat stoppers.

Of course, the homeowner should always be concerned about carbon monoxide. So, while the technician is there it will be wise to ask him to check for any potential carbon monoxide leaks. Once the furnace is operational again, it would pay to have Heating Services in Ephrata, PA come out to do a thorough check of the furnace. Any potential problem that can be spotted early is money saved and grief avoided.

The home may need a new furnace, and this opens up many possibilities for the homeowner to get an energy efficient furnace that will save money and avoid repair bills. There are many considerations that go into the decision to install a new furnace. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have made a clear statement that consumer energy cost savings would grow to about $171 million per year and annual greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by the amount generated by 177,000 cars if every gas furnace sold in the U.S. meets the new ENERGY STAR requirements. John Weidman & Sons can inform you of all of these advantages when buying a new gas furnace.