Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious mental health condition that can go untreated for years. This disorder is common among victims of domestic abuse, rape victims, persons seriously hurt on the job, and soldiers that have been in battle among other people. Many are eligible for benefits and should file a PTSD worker compensation claim in Minnesota according to a local attorney.

Symptoms that May Indicate Someone Has PTSD Explained

PTSD should be diagnosed by a medical or psychiatric professional experienced with recognizing the common symptoms of this mental health condition. These symptoms may include troubling behavioral changes, wide mood swings, possible acting out types of behavior, nightmares/night terrors, insomnia, serious anxiety, loss of mental focus, relationship issues, panic attacks, paranoia, and many others. If these or any other problematic symptoms are noted, get in contact with an expert able to diagnose and treat this disorder.

How PTSD Can Affect Someone At Work In a Negative Manner?

People who have PTSD often have difficulty keeping a job due to overwhelming anxiety and fears that the person may experience regularly. This can include panic attacks and problems with mental clarity and focus. These workers often have difficulty with a co-worker and/or employee/boss relationships. It is common for these employees to accumulate excessive absenteeism days.

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim for PTSD

An experienced and discreet attorney can help with filing an accurate PTSD workers compensation claim for Minnesota residents struggling with this oftentimes misunderstood issue. This can be a welcome relief.