Sonosite ultrasound is well-known as the most durable ultrasound equipment available today. It has other advantages too–it boots up quickly, is energy-efficient, user- friendly

and comes in models that cover every medical need from hospital exams to outdoor veterinary use.

Designed for the Battlefield, Sonosite Can Withstand Almost Anything

At the end of the last century, the U.S. military realized that they could improve on-site medical care if they had ultrasound that was durable enough to be used directly on the battlefield. Every Sonosite ultrasound machine has survived a military drop test and carries a five year warranty.

Clear Images in No Time at All

Sonosite ultrasound machines boot up in less than 25 seconds, saving vital time in emergency and disaster relief situations.

Innovative, Multi-faceted Technology Brings Clearer Images

Fujifilm Healthcare, which produces Sonosite, is always working to advance ultrasound technology and create clearer, sharper images in color as well as black and white. In addition to innovations like Armored Cable Technology, Sonosite has developed many specialized transducers. The Sonosite Micromaxx is roughly the size of a laptop and weighs only eight pounds. It’s also an economical choice.

New or Used, Be Sure You Buy From an Authorized Dealer

To make sure that you are purchasing genuine Sonosite equipment look for an authorized Sonosite dealer. A qualified dealer will not only be able to answer all of your questions, but will also provide training, support and repair services should something go wrong. Contact UltraSelect Medical at for more information.