If someone in your family dies of no fault of their own, then you could file a lawsuit for a wrongful death claim. Since there are quite a few details surrounding this type of claim, you should consider a few of these questions when you meet with an attorney.

What is the Claim?

The first thing that you should do when meeting with a wrongful death attorney in Rhode Island is to find out what the claim will involve and what you have to do in order to win the lawsuit. When a death is caused by accident or a wrongful act by another person, then family members have every right to file a claim against the person responsible in order to receive compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, and other monetary aspects related to the person’s death.

Those Who Can File

You need to know who can file this type of claim before you meet with a wrongful death attorney in Rhode Island. Most of the time, only parents or siblings can file a claim. Children can also file if there are no other family members left. Spouses can sometimes file as well, but this would be something that you would need to talk to the attorney about so that you are clear on the laws in your state.

What Can be Recovered?

There are several things that can be included in the claim that you file. Compensation for lost wages and funeral expenses are at the top of the list. Many attorneys can include compensation for pain and suffering in the claim as well.